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The Sheraton II is but a weak shadow of the actual Sheraton. I had an early 2000's Riviera that was a high quality, gigworthy guitar and also a vastly superior guitar to any Sheraton II. I have played many Casinos that were also professional quality guitars, once set up. All of these insts (Riviera, Casino, non-II Sheraton) stand tall in So, I was just checking out guitars rescently, and suddenly became so fond of semi hollow guitars (espescially beacuse I do not own any). Of course th... The sheraton sounds clearer but in this track the extra grit from the riviera just fits better (in my ears). Plus that deep wine red! I love it. I guess it's the riviera for me. My local Long and McQuade only has the sheraton pros II (no PLain sheraton) but the prices seem comparable. They've been on my radar for awhile but I've been buying artcores lately instead. I've owned a Sheraton II and I currently own a Casino and my preference between these two matches your own and for the same reason. The Casino has a very unique voicing all of it's I have not found with any other guitar. I'll also appreciate it's greater degree of clarity and for me it's actually a more versatile guitar than the Sheraton II was Sheraton, vs the Standard, and smaller "sloped Dove wing" headstock, on the 335 Pro. All the "Pro" series have . improved pickups, if slightly different, between models, over the standard fare. The Sheraton Pro, seems . slightly heavier (to me), in weight, than the the ES-335 Pro, because of the extra appointments, and larger . headstock. The necks are different, as well. The ES-335 Pro, has a Epiphone Dot vs Casino vs Sheraton Epiphone have a great range of semi acoustics. The three most popular models all share semi acoustic qualities but have differences making them all unique. With several apparently similar models to choose from, it can initially be confusing picking the right Epiphone semi acoustic guitar for your needs. To help you choose, we’ve put together a brief Epi Casino vs. Sheraton II. Thread starter omfg51; Start date Jan 20, 2015; Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. Papanate Member. Messages 19,872. Jan 21, 2015 #21 Sheraton has either Mini Humbuckers or Humbuckers. The Casino has P90's. So you might consider what tone you are going for before you decide on which guitar you want. Casino is completely hollow. The Sheraton is not. omfg51 The Casino’s 24.75” scale mahogany neck has the classic SlimTaper™ “D” profile with the glued-in neck joint joining the body at the 16th fret, just like vintage models from the ‘60s. The 12” radius neck features a rosewood fingerboard with parallelogram inlays, a 1.68” nut, and for that classic look, small button machine heads. Hey Yahoo Answers, So Today i went down to guitar center to try out the Epiphone Sheraton II that i have admired for quite some time now. Keep in mind i already have the ES 339 Epiphone. Im not sure if its just me but when i picked up the Sheraton and played some scales and similar riffs and things i play on my ES 339, well it sounded quite the same.

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