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Moving to New York next week, question about poker rooms/casinos

Hi there,
Was just wondering if there are any decent casinos/card rooms in New York. Is playing poker even legal in NY? I'm moving over next week and really don't know much about the area so any info will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for answering!!
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Moving to New York next week, question about poker rooms/casinos

Hi there,
Was just wondering if there are any decent casinos/card rooms in New York. I'm moving over next week and really don't know much about the area so any info will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for answering!!
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[Part 1] A lifelong gambling enthusiast, you've played in countless venues for all manner of currency and collateral. Bored with trying to make a fortune, you seek out an apocryphal underground casino offering players chillingly high stakes against the opportunity to win anything their hearts desire

As long as I could remember I've always been into gambling and betting. There's just something about it, the thrill of winning, the heart pumping stakes of losing all. It's the sensation I felt like no extreme sports, gourmet cuisine, or sex could provide.
I started way too young, living with inattentive parents. My father was a drunk and my mom was a hoarder. I spent my childhood in the playground betting with the other kids with sweets, daring each other to do stupider and stupider stuff.
Eventually those stupid things led to petty crimes. Stealing, house robbing, fighting to name a few. But as I grew older I turned my sight to a more "sophisticated" venue. Donning my best suit, meddling with higher society in casinos draped in high quality decorations, menu full of high end cuisine and's all a façade in the end which I didn't care much for. It's the's always the thrill that I seek.
Years went by, eventually everything went numb. I have gambled the most secretive rooms in Vegas, played with crime bosses of the east in Macao, pissed off a lot of dangerous people. None of those gave me the thrill anymore, and I felt like I died. Like a shark seeking blood, I need more blood. I needed more!
I remember that one night, casually playing online poker I browsed the usual chatroom for gamblers like myself, only something caught my eyes...
"The Church of Cajetan"
Huh, Saint Cajetan was the patron saint of gamblers. I've never heard of this place. Asking around nobody in the chat knew a lot about it. Words from the grapevine stated that it was "the place that holds everything you seek"
I raised an eyebrow. I was intrigued. I asked around how and where can I find this place. Just another rumor, but they all say "it finds you, it knows". I spent hours and more searching for any mention of it online to no use. In my frustration I fell asleep eventually.
knock knock
Knocking on my door jolted me up. Looking at my clock it was 3 in the morning. I went to my door still in daze. Nobody was beyond that door, only an envelope placed neatly on the floor.
The words "Church of Cajetan" written in front of me woke me up completely. Inside I found a note and a gold coin with no other discernable feature but the name "The Church of Cajetan".
Dear Mr. Holden Parrish, we are excited to extend an invitation to the venerable Church of Cajetan. To enter please grab hold of the gold coin encased inside and enter any door at exactly 3:33 either am or pm. Bear in mind the church requires formal attire
I was stumped but excited. Without even contemplating on how ridiculous it was I immediately wore my best suits. Italian made maroon suit jacket and trousers I won from an Italian mob in New York city.
3:32 am. My heart was beating. My palm was sweating holding the gold coin tight. 58...59...60. 3:33 am I opened my bedroom door. Beyond I found myself inside a small waiting room draped in the finest carpet matching my own suit color. Gold and silver decorations filled the room.
"Mr. Holden Parrish, I presume?"
I turned my gaze to a man in front of me. He wasn't there before...
"You can call me Val. I will be your guide tonight inside the Church of Cajetan"
I was understandably overwhelmed of the situation. Something supernatural was going on there. But a gambler that I was, poker face was my forte.
"What's the minimum bet in this place? What game do you play?"
"Oh we don't take money here, Sir. Your gold coin is your first bet. The chance to enter the Church is your first bet. We don't want any loser here, Sir. As for the game, we offer anything and everything ever conceived in the history of gambling"
Val walked to the back of the room, leading me through a large wooden door. What he showed me behind it was a large hall with similar decorations to the small waiting room.
Countless tables of games being played, chattering of people, sounds of gambling machines, that familiar smell of high end casino...I was thrilled. I've been to plenty of similar places but this...this felt different.
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the cosmopolitan six thousand five hundred dollar bank the bonus live play tonight last night you guys wanted some mighty cash i found you a mighty cash double up look at those numbers that we're working with same format last night we do 500 tickets however some of my tickets are a thousand bucks they're just easier that way so i'll have to do some uh thinking and uh math but i get kerry here to help me out and i got all my lovely and fans so ticket starts at a thousand dollars so we're not gonna go below 500 guys so this one should be pretty easy max volume bank the bonus live play 13.50 a spin [Music] mighty cash double up let's see this haywire five or more for the bonus [Music] mr classic tv says punky power thank you mr classic tv oh yeah mr classic tv i think you won one of those blenders or um mixers but i need to get your address so send me an email or message me on facebook so i know jimmy d won the other mixer but i'm pretty sure you are the other winner so i want to get that sent out to you yes haywire we got something big oh 45 bucks good ones big one oh i couldn't drop like the maxi because it doubles up [Music] wait there we go [Music] and carrie we trust so we're gonna have him hit the button all right gary [Music] wow that's huge let's keep getting these red ones yes this is not bad red [Music] that wasn't a good spin but if your first two are pretty solid so i forgive you [Music] yolanda rory love you bry mighty cash is the best i love you too yolanda hopefully it will come to new york here soon yeah this is a decent oh yolanda which one do i pick yolanda's picking guys left right middle if yolanda's in here we'll give her a first chance to pick one two or three your left middle right yolanda i'm gonna wait for her i am i'm in plenty of time [Music] i'm a no hurry this is a nice little bonus yolanda gets to pick [Music] leland assistant too all right here it is shoot that's fine all right let's do it anything filled up down there okay extra 13.50 [Music] yes too bad we couldn't fill that up this is not a bad little hit i'll do some ticket math later on because uh i had a thousand dollar ticket but a good start yesterday we started off great and then it went south and if smaller bets work we'll do smaller bets but i am getting some revenge on that 25 cash code it's a jackpot to start the night what do you know [Music] yolanda has no reason to be sorry how's the picture quality everybody we have one person keep saying bad picture but everybody else says [Music] [Music] nothing [Music] all right let me see if i can uh [Music] all right [Music] all right is that good now how does that look perfect all right couple backup spins come on please please please [Music] backup spins galore i saw it go by too all right two thousand dollars will be the ending point [Music] all right first game get a win nice start all right so this ticket guys oh cougar girls 9.99 super justice happy new year all right i reset it i don't know what else to do so i did reset the wi-fi i mean the picture i am at mercy of the casino and romeo evan welcome to the bod rubber ducky club all right guys since um the same ticket so five hundred dollars again i've got these thousand dollar tickets i have to use them twice so the floor is going to be 1500 all right all right 17 16 a spin [Music] that's huge 300 that's good [Music] [Applause] yep i i work with what i have so [Music] maybe it'll get better but i did reset it twice after that i can't do much i apologize but i'm working with what they have but thank you to 800 people watching one more [Music] open this pot 24. [Music] 40 bucks [Music] yes scott i just re-logged into wi-fi for the third time i did reset it and i reset it again so [Applause] [Music] all right before the bonus i'll see if i can fix the wi-fi whoops 73. if you're winning with that well i find it just keep it that way give me one second guys this is my best four games [Music] which one do you guys look all right which one should i pick i've never done this thank you raja what do you guys want [Music] miss mary brian thank you for the live play i really activity oh thank you miss mary [Music] coins [Music] all right coins all coins come on yes oh we're going to do something on the left [Music] chris had patches behind me for me hey one more time i logged out i forgot the network and i logged back in [Music] guys not much i can do guys so the i'm doing the best i can but tell me it's blurry and tell me it's unwatchable and you're gonna unsubscribe above and beyond because i don't control the wi-fi you're gonna unsubscribe from my channel uh i'm not trying to be negative here but don't say crap like that that's just not cool all right guys i'm doing the best i can to give you guys some bonus live play and kyle sell data does not work at all in vegas anyways we got a bonus 776 dollars all right there's some backup spans the floor we'll get 2800 2750 2800 we'll see how it goes and we'll do the top up if we hit it [Music] all right so 27.50 is gonna be the floor so the first thousand in we're gonna have at least 27.50 so that's a great start tonight the pot is a little over 6500 but that's what the tickets i had available was they're gonna make that work but thank you all for tuning in thank you for you know the watching the earlier live play and we got a super chat herbert d brian you're doing fine ignore the complaint all right one more spin and we're gonna cash out so far it's a good little start [Music] all right let's move what do you guys want to see next is my lucky players card [Music] so [Music] those are not multi-dino [Music] yep how you doing yeah i hope so i reset it again it's still really bad i i re-logged in crushing it you hit reconnect i hit reconnect yeah it's still brilliant now all right we're back live all right thank you all right guys garager just help me out it's great usually for a little bit and then it kind of sputters out all right guys how about some konami konami time [Music] [Music] it can go to a hotel you go to hotel next all right and play konami games radiant witch 15 to spin so the floor on this game is gonna be 500. because it's a thousand dollar ticket let's do it guys but thank you all for tuning in hey brian i got a super chat for you one dollar lucky super chat from jose all right usually the usually for a super chat has to be at least 1.99 or higher to say anything doesn't want it we'll try one this is going in the community pot there we go so now you're in action you have a point one tenth of a percentage all right taxi 10 000. yeah we need to go to the other one all right we're gonna try the hotel one all right we're gonna try one more wi-fi guys i apologize all right all right last try guys after this we're just gonna wing it but waffs 73 in bod we trust thank you wasps genomes just keep crushing it all right guys if i missed a super chat then i did do my best doing my best all right here we go it's an iphone 12 pro mac so it should the phone's not the issue here oh i think it was one away from that symbol nice you love silver lucky 25 super super chat flip phone it's a motorola gopro i have no idea come on three or more bonus symbols may trigger the money galaxy feature oh you're not like that okay [Music] we switched the wi-fi network so hopefully guys hopefully this helps it's holding up so we'll take it at this point jose ah i tried [Music] guys it has nothing to do with the camera on the phone it's the wifi [Music] chris pat you're doing great brian of data oh that's my new name brian of data 9150 so i heard you made a killing in the stock market today had a good day you guys haven't checked out raja makes money the mods have been actually posting the link so thank you mod for doing that come on kanami give me some heck yeah [Music] gosh you guys i might have to cancel live play early tonight if i have to keep modding for myself [Music] come on it's due [Music] uh now i get that radiant witch symbol when i don't need it yep once again [Music] well i would go play it and that's that's it that's the 500 mark so [Music] all right let's keep moving on guys [Music] now um somebody specifically told me i should go play high stakes [Music] you know what maybe he'll do some video poker since carrie's here tonight how would you guys want to see some ultimate at the video poker i think that could be fun 1250 spin max that volume out yay or nay on video poker oops stephen hall he requested this game tonight so he got it apple alert for guys tonight 5 30 ah so close 5 30 pacific time you know what i did really good on last night was uh one more that uh i hit those two nice jackpots on uh also environment really i haven't if we went at one more and open up the taco that is like another four i never have like an ultimate fire like played it again last night but the last couple ever since i started playing that another one ultra hot megalink i didn't go to those now they've done these whole shows okay i never liked it because i never got the bonus but now we've got all these great bonuses they're gonna take 5 30 guys the big jackpot will be live on the main facebook page with youtube live play to follow at six o'clock pacific time [Music] yes we got a bonus see what happens when i push the button all right big one here we go carrie go ahead and hit the button carrie terry first lucky raja high rollers i had to mix it up it didn't work for me yesterday all right raja your turn your turn nah all right jose hit the button [Music] okay there we go that's 125 for jose tracy says i feel bbb coming for b.o.d well we believe in b.o.d everybody hit the thumbs up jose you're on the roll ready another 125. you're fired i'm fired i'll come in and save the day all right come on all right you're in all right here we go there you go that's all you guys are worth 25. oh this is 50 cents it's 12 minutes all right carrie you're back in it come on 62.50 jose tagging you back in you're hired again come on that's this is a brd spin oh okay there it is all right same as the raja come on nature just drop it oh really i carry you're back in [Music] all right jose we'll worry about the price of the grand if we come to that all right it comes down to body [Applause] that's something 362. [Music] it is but yours is a lot tighter mine's maybe the spring's gone or something [Applause] [Music] all right backup spins we'll play it down to what 500. how does that sound that sounds great thank you one more sorry he's live right now [Music] ma'am it's 45 dollars i'm sorry that's my gunnery jose my agent told me that all right big congratulations to the quick father he's not going to be with us tonight and right when we got done playing about one o'clock last night went to the room get a good night's sleep at three o'clock he sent me a message he had to get an uber for a five-hour drive back to california he missed his baby being born that's why we picked this date early in the month because baby was due on the 18th so we're like okay two weeks plenty of time you know get home and yeah out of nowhere last night all right guys what do you think we should play next all right autumn moon let's do it ah guys i do not really charge 45 dollars a photo you guys can believe whatever you want this one's due i'm into this game for at least a thousand bucks i get this one two oh the better match yeah no no but this one yesterday all right here we go twenty dollars to spend fifty four hundred dollar major hundred and three thousand dollar grand this is slower than like that first [Music] so the floor is 500 on this game unless we decide to play a second round on it so thousand dollar ticket in the floor come on what whoa no oh i thought you had it oh wow how did you screw that up very easily oh i thought i had it thousands left what happened to that 20 orb what happened to that 20 dollar orb tracy if jose twerks upside down like naomi there will be mega booms wow you've been requesting the twerk upside down [Music] diane mccall says whatever rajo says about you after i fell for the malaria hoax [Laughter] so diane mccall says she doesn't believe anything you say about me after she fell for the malaria hoax when you told everybody i had malaria b.o.d uh brandon true b.o.d ah what what grand did you hit the other day when the raja was live it's probably the same as me having malaria whatever that's worth [Music] it's no minor finally [Music] the good news is i don't have malaria currently but the question is are you going to fall asleep 2 000. i knew this game was due ah yeah come on keeping it alive [Music] now i pumped well over a thousand bucks in this game last night [Music] plus in the group paul we didn't do too well either [Music] [Applause] thousand right [Music] oh here it comes 103 000 live let me at least see it i did not see it i got my glasses on and i don't see it again the drama it's left-handed does it work nope i need to mix it up is that what you do in the bedroom people got jokes today come on [Music] hopefully we keep playing well i can pay off my markers it'll be nice [Music] that's something is that tick-tock tick-tock well i only have one phone unlike some people wow you guys both have one phone wait we got so many girls and tracy d if you don't mind sending me a photos later on of all the jackpots thank you all right so the floor is gonna be three thousand bucks one more moon there's still good line hit john johnson boom boom boom in bod's room that's right [Music] yeah this machine was definitely due after i mean carrie watched me struggle on this game last night i mean struggle one more i knew this game had to do a comeback hi there how you doing today good how are you i'm doing well you can't do recording what did this gentleman tell you i'm spitting fake news again i'm gonna have to call security on you that wouldn't be the first time yeah they called him last time when he had those prostitutes you grabbed his hands on his feet caesar's palace was not a good day remember caesar's palace and that lady i was tracy says i'm waiting jose you got this bee all right cash it out so this yeah so yeah this was a new this was a fresh ticket jimmy beauty on ajita keep it up i got your hoodie in my room during his live play i'll get it for you all right cash cove 25 a spin so the floor is just under 2 500. purple and gold saw it's nice wind keep it up i'm going to purple gold and i got jimmy d there you go all right all right so the floor is like 2 400 and change what doesn't want my ticket i did this yesterday too gaming machine unable to redeem at this time that was weird and it took it cash go 25 to spend cash cove just under 2 400 sorry just under 2 500. come on make up make up for you so 24 in change [Music] 100 dollars get it oh but thank you to all the mods help out thank you to kerry all aboard or luxury line tiffany j beauty great live stream can you play some cats all right we'll do cats after this [Music] no thank you nope i'm doing well not drinking anything so i'm gonna hold off as long as we keep winning i will not have a sip of water the entire livestream i am very superstitious [Music] what did he get nice jose is on ajita as tracy d would say this ticket will be put in the bank after this machine is over that's a great observation [Music] [Music] doesn't want me to quit this game i guess no okay there you go all right couple more spins not gonna go below 2400 come on come on all right final spin on this game cash an hour all right all right so that i think it's done all right we're gonna put another thousand dollar ticket in so once again the floor is gonna be um 500 bucks i didn't have to didn't have time to break down the tickets cats here it is somebody wanted cats to send a super chat and i haven't done cats in a while so [Music] 15 to spin [Music] yes that's it i thought it looked it looked a lot better in my mind sometimes the lower bets work better that's a pay line on 15. oh fine don't have to convince me it looks like if i'm a game manufacturer i'm making 15 lines that's not one of mine [Music] yeah of all the games being different heights different angles it's not always the easiest sometimes to uh that's it fifteen all right 30 that's fine 30 bucks on cats ah 200 nice [Music] come on bank the bonus that's good huh 400. nice [Music] that's right johnny milwaukee loves all the games that have cats in it kitty glitter miss kitty [Music] bonus [Music] [Music] what do you think should i play 45 a spin on catch or keep it here at 30. 500 is the floor we're going for that bonus oh yeah 250. i'll tell you what we'll do actually choose the max you can only play 30 bucks so by default oh bonus nope no nope gina anyway can you play black widow uh maybe you'll do some black widow i'll tell you what since we're doing well in the game we'll i don't want to lose any money on this game so we'll set the floor in a thousand bucks so we guarantee we don't lose any money playing cats [Music] i hate to do well in the machine and go broke trying to hit the bonus so [Music] come on okay 200 just for that [Music] and if we break the two 2000 mark maybe he'll set a floor above that come on full screen say meow i likey [Music] so if the raja ever tells you something about me 95 of the time it's not true he said you were an awesome individual b.o.d yep see told you now he knows better than joke about my dogs so oh yeah that's like the one thing he knows so if he says something about my dogs that may be true but besides that i never had malaria [Music] what's not a pay line but this jagged thing is that's bs hey ben hello [Music] don't get called on me kitty cats [Music] all right um is black widow on here all right this game's getting cold i'm going to use this extra 186 dollars for black widow so the forum black widow's still going to be 500. i so whatever that's worth executive vod decision [Music] forty dollars to spend on black widow [Music] the floor is at 500 on the game he's taking some of that extra money [Music] all right a black widow floor is five hundred dollars oh there's yep i that's a lot of people say i look like the purple guy in black widow they're the pink guy does that look like b.o.d what do you guys think i think it is they modeled it after me maybe that's right the raja this is his favorite game because he gets to see me all the time [Music] wow cheryl clark blackwidow be nice to b.o.d thank you we don't think we had a single playback of anything on black widow yet [Music] not a single does black widow hate b.o.d looks like ben affleck oh there we go on the last spin it pays 160 says don't quit on me [Music] ah mark wahlberg all right final spin and we're putting this ticket in the bank for cats and black widow so cats and black widow is done now i did play some um dancing drums earlier today and i got killed 2 000 down on dancing drums so based on that it's dancing drums revenge [Music] time [Music] yeah i saw my afternoon live play we did play some dancing drums so what do i got left 500 500 500 000 so 6500 in tickets i have 2500 left let's just make it easy to put a 500 ticket here so once again guys i had to get some thousand dollar tickets i couldn't get the 500 so that's why we used some tickets twice 1760 a bet and we're going for three if we get it we're going for three the last three games we haven't done anything so we're due for another bonus here jimbo come on drums let's see a bonus i agree timbo so the mini's at 178 miners 626 that seems awfully high you son of a yeah majors at 9 000 yeah we're going for three because that's what i said all right here we go all right big money there we go that's it [Music] yes oh one more dragon that helped 120 yeah 360. [Music] all right 660 dollar bonus [Music] all right we're gonna play some more uh like 750 floor on this game we need some backup spins let's get another bonus [Music] you know screw it we'll do the mystery if we get it again that sounds fine with me mystery if we get another bonus i just hit five drums [Music] all right final spin unless we hit something um [Music] all right whoops says uh [Music] top dollar let's do it [Music] a lot of people like the double top dollar [Music] yeah 210 dollars to spend sorry 10 dollars a credit 20 [Music] we've been doing better on the lower d knobs right now so [Music] she says always double she's an expert so yeah 10's on there i'm putting a thousand dollar ticket in so the floor will be 500. [Music] so it's 20 dollars yes we did some higher spins earlier going backwards still good slide play [Music] carla howard says good luck tonight hashtag bonus time hope you're staying warm up there [Music] carla [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is my card working all right let's see this top dollar logo [Music] so close there we go [Music] almost 2 000 people watching thank you guys for tuning in tonight make the bonus live play from the cosmopolitan las vegas hit that subscribe button keep notifications on because sometimes i do surprise live play like this morning last spin [Music] and i did some like hundred dollar huffing puff this morning all right let's move on to some pinball [Music] two credit pinball we'll do 20 to spin on this too yes we'll do the video poker [Music] let's set pinball yeah uh these old school pinballs you can't see them anymore you don't find them much all the casinos that have them do not get rid of them looks like the new pinball they have it's a little different format 20 to spin so with a three credit pinball you get five shots with two credit pinball you get four [Music] that was 250 okay give this some more ammo to hit this pinball come on come on [Music] ah so close we have 1500 left after this the big jackpot will be live at 5 30 pacific time so [Music] and maybe i'll do some surprise late night live play tonight you never know that's why you have to subscribe and click those notifications on if i do like it yeah yeah it's something i was waiting for like yeah eight grand i'm like my like time just kind of stopped okay for me i'm like is it gonna happen [Music] it is what time what time is it carrie right now i think about five o'clock or so so it's 4 45 yes there we go uh i think i'm gonna keep the ten dollar genome it's working i hate to blow through everything on the twenty five dollar d numb we ain't broke i rather win a little bit of money on a smaller bet than lose more money on a larger bet [Music] yeah maybe some we'll see late no promises i did a surprise live play this afternoon [Music] and it's not a surprise if i tell you happy new year b.o.d and good luck well thank you sonny happy new year to you come on pinball get a couple decent line hips golden nugget that's a casino we're at the cosmopolitan is there a game called golden nugget oh yeah [Music] what was your biggest hit um nice on 15 bets yeah can't beat that [Music] i know where a wild wild nugget is but um some guy last night kept saying wild wild nugget the whole time and it really gave me bad juju and we lost so no wild wild nugget tonight i'm not a fan of that game anyways but we got a come on bonus 80. okay 250 it's a good start come on 80 80 no 500 bucks come on 80 80. [Music] [Applause] all right we're at 8 40. like 7 60 something like that get it five back upstairs legit whoops taught me so my final spin okay cash now [Music] 1500 left [Music] carrie and i gonna play some video poker for five thirty dollars to spin ultimate x video poker scary carry and body now beauty is gonna make the best choices oh thank you for that i'll do the best i can i got carrie here so we'll [Music] oh i didn't sorry i was um live when you texted me oh you're fine [Music] thank you thank you do you want a cosmopolitan no no no hold nothing or yeah all right oh so i was playing this earlier i got dealt four to the royal correct carry yeah i got dealt four to the royal i had a four-time multiplier up top or something and of course i did not hit it we'll be back to slots after this open ender all right seven queens [Music] maybe i should have held the aces michael alphonse in the house check out live stream casino shenanigans on facebook featuring michael halphon nothing all right the no holds barred anything goes facebook gambling drinking debauchery group sanders lodge shared the length thank you okay in order here we go oh come on give us something here come on [Music] all right here we go four to the flush let's hit this yeah look at the next all right come on four of a kind wherever oh come on oh come on top here okay guys all right come on could be eight thousand dollars it could be all right here we go a little dramatic pause come on twenty thousand dollars here it comes [Music] oh man yep yeah i got del four to the royal with the multiplier i had a couple good deals today [Music] here we go [Music] all right here we go come on four of a kind four of a kind king queen [Music] hey quads there we go oh cheers that's why i got somebody else here [Music] maybe if i do a late night it'd be all video poker live stream it's a possibility if anybody wants to do a video poker with me tonight maybe i'm going for it oh you just look at it [Music] okay so it's open ender too yeah so you need a two or seven eclipse [Music] there we go [Applause] 2500 [Music] all right [Music] nice all right so we're at 28 10. i'll probably play down 2 500 or so yeah um come on here it comes guys let's play for a miracle carry i'm good right yeah ah tyler smith the b.o.d for president carrie lee for vp i like it okay let's do it again come on four of a kind [Music] [Music] [Music] yes sir oh come on four aces come on [Music] [Music] okay that's right it's lacey from the slot ladies the one and only will she go live tonight i don't know if you guys want to send her money on only fans i think she may go live again tonight but hopefully is that how you send people money oh yeah so if you check out lacey's instagram and tracyd or whoever has it share it in the chat and on instagram they have your cash app in there so if somebody wants to send lacey 100 bucks or she gets up to 500 tonight i think she may go live again [Music] oh somebody sent you 100 you just need 400 more all right that sounds fair and whoever sends the most money can pick the game [Music] it'd probably be after the big jackpot tonight probably directly after before the group poll [Music] it actually was good she told me my left arm was sore because my right arm was tight [Music] yeah i had the hundred minute in the end well worth it eight times there we go anything i have a mask on my braces oh there we go can we get the flush can we get a flush ah yeah that's a good way to end it positive money and tracy d thank you mod tracy just shared lacey's instagram so just to confirm her cash app is linked in the buy over instagram right yeah all right so if she gets 500 tonight 400 more she will be going live [Music] am i down only 500 left yeah i guess i'm only at 500 left tonight wow i thought it had more oh yeah we had the thousand between those two machines right so what do we want to do for the last so let me think about schmidt i put 500 in there 500 here okay we all know what's going to happen last guys 25 spins huff and puff [Music] that's right guys huff and puff to end the night and wild wild nugget is being played i was going to end it tonight in a wild wild nugget but some gentleman is playing it so i can't do that yep 25 spins we're doing well we're gonna do 25 spins we did it yesterday for a thousand bucks we couldn't hit so maybe it's due that that logic worked on the uh what game did the logic were gone oh autumn moon we lost yesterday all right here we go 25 spins huff and puff let's do it um yeah maybe some late night live play i'll talk to some people and figure out a game plan there's no promises [Music] well i got some money to throw in the pot it could be video poker who knows two more yeah yeah there we go by the way we're gonna end it we got backup spins all right i'm excited yesterday was terrible today is much much better one more oops man i didn't mean to do that [Music] oh come on don't be like that it is going to be like that we got backup spin so there's one point we just want a coin [Music] ouch and the actual three games only played seven dollars and fifty cents it was bad [Music] 500 bucks will be the floor [Music] thank you that was not a good bonus nope nope nope [Music] come on the volume is maxed out that is not the issue what are you gonna do one more spin to end the night on bank the bonus live play i don't i would like to play it through but i don't know if that's fair because everybody has to agree on it so based on that um i'm okay thank you though so but guys thank you so much on behalf of b.o.d scary carrie and lacey we will see you soon remember check her out on instagram camera's on you just let you know oh hi taking my these are not i can't walk in them so i'm switching all right so check her out on instagram if she gets 500 today she's going live and you pick the game if you're the highest donor and also check her out on only fans so all right guys thanks to glot and i will see you guys later on maybe late night tonight bye
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Nintendo Switch Weekly eShop Sale (Full List)

List of Nintendo Switch games that went on sale in the last week on eShop:

You can order the list by Metacritic, Price, Discount...etc..

Title Price % Off End Date Metacritic
#KILLALLZOMBIES $11.99 40% 11/5 -
88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition $5.99 80% 11/1 65
1979 Revolution: Black Friday $3.59 70% 11/4 77
AER Memories of Old $4.99 75% 11/11 73
Aery - Little Bird Adventure $3.98 43% 11/11 -
AFL Evolution 2 $42.49 15% 10/27 -
Agent A: A puzzle in disguise $$1.99 90% 11/13 79
Alder's Blood $9.99 50% 11/6 74
Alien: Isolation $$19.99 43% 11/3 83
Alien Cruise $3.60 68% 11/1 -
A Magical High School Girl $1.99 87% 10/26 -
Anima: Gate of Memories - Arcane Edition $10.49 65% 11/1 -
Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles $6.99 65% 11/1 -
Anima: Gate of Memories $6.99 65% 11/1 61
ANIMUS: Harbinger $3.99 50% 11/9 69
ANIMUS $3.99 50% 11/9 -
Anthill $3.99 60% 11/1 65
Archaica: The Path Of Light $4.94 67% 11/2 -
Assassin's Creed III: Remastered $19.99 50% 11/1 60
Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection $19.99 50% 11/1 80
Atomic Heist $1.99 75% 10/27 -
Awe $1.99 60% 11/1 -
A Winter's Daydream $2.99 50% 11/5 -
Bargain Hunter $8.74 30% 11/1 -
Battle Princess Madelyn Royal Edition $3.74 75% 11/9 -
Battle Princess Madelyn $4.99 75% 11/9 65
Beat Cop $3.49 77% 10/31 70
Bibi & Tina at the horse farm $20.99 30% 11/5 -
Bibi & Tina – Adventures with Horses $20.99 30% 11/5 -
Bibi Blocksberg – Big Broom Race 3 $20.99 30% 11/5 -
Birds and Blocks $1.99 60% 11/10 -
Blacksad: Under the Skin $19.99 60% 10/28 60
Blair Witch $14.99 50% 11/5 59
Bleed 2 $3.74 75% 11/4 79
Bleed $2.99 75% 11/4 75
Bloodroots $$1.99 90% 11/2 75
Blood Waves $4.99 50% 11/5 -
Breathing Fear $$1.99 60% 11/2 -
Bridge Strike $$2.09 70% 11/10 -
BringIt to MOM $1.99 90% 11/1 -
Bubble Cats Rescue $1.59 60% 11/9 -
Bulb Boy $2.24 75% 11/5 75
Bullet Battle: Evolution $7.49 50% 11/9 -
Bunny Adventure $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Cake Laboratory $1.99 33% 11/11 -
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger $11.99 40% 11/3 72
Captain StarONE $4.99 50% 10/30 -
Card Game Bundle Vol. 1 $3.59 85% 11/4 -
Car Driving School Simulator $$8.99 36% 11/6 -
Caretaker $4.79 40% 10/31 -
Cars 3: Driven to Win $9.99 75% 11/2 59
Chaos on Deponia $4.99 75% 11/11 -
Child of Light Ultimate Edition $4.99 75% 11/1 84
Children of Morta $12.99 41% 10/31 80
Circle of Sumo $4.99 50% 10/26 53
City Driving Simulator $$5.99 50% 11/6 -
Clouds & Sheep 2 $2.49 75% 10/29 -
Clumsy Rush $2.99 40% 8 hours -
Color Zen Kids $3.19 20% 11/9 -
Conduct TOGETHER! $$1.99 90% 11/13 80
Conga Master Party! $1.99 80% 11/1 71
Cooking Tycoons - 3 in 1 Bundle $6.49 50% 11/9 -
Crawl $4.99 67% 11/4 82
Creepy Brawlers $1.99 60% 11/5 -
Crown Trick $17.99 10% 8 hours 79
Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition $3.99 80% 11/11 86
Cube Creator X $9.99 50% 11/11 -
Curious Cases $3.99 20% 10/31 -
Curious Expedition $10.04 33% 11/1 68
Cyber Protocol $1.99 80% 8 hours 71
Cycle 28 $2.09 70% 10/29 69
Dark Burial $1.99 50% 10/27 -
Darksiders Genesis $26.79 33% 11/5 74
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition $14.99 50% 11/5 77
Darksiders Warmastered Edition $14.99 50% 11/5 77
Dead Dungeon $1.99 60% 10/27 64
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today $3.89 74% 11/1 72
Death Road to Canada $7.49 50% 11/4 79
Death Squared $2.99 80% 11/6 78
Debtor $$1.99 33% 11/2 -
Decay of Logos $9.99 50% 11/1 58
Demon's Crystals $4.94 67% 11/1 -
DEMON'S TILT $11.99 40% 11/1 -
Deployment $0.99 90% 10/25 -
Deponia Doomsday $4.99 75% 11/11 -
Deponia $3.99 90% 11/11 64
Detective Driver: Miami Files $4.79 60% 11/6 -
Doggie Ninja The Burning Strikers $5.00 38% 11/6 -
Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission $2.00 75% 11/6 -
Don't Die, Mr Robot! $2.24 75% 11/4 72
Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition $4.99 75% 11/2 78
DragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of Time $12.49 50% 11/6 66
DreamGallery $2.99 50% 11/6 -
Drift Legends $4.99 50% 11/11 -
Drowning $1.49 50% 11/5 -
eCrossminton $7.94 47% 11/1 -
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes $6.99 65% 11/11 -
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition $6.99 65% 11/11 66
Eight-Minute Empire: Complete Edition $7.49 50% 10/27 -
Elden: Path of the Forgotten $10.39 35% 11/5 63
Escape First $3.99 20% 10/31 -
Event Horizon: Space Defense $$2.09 70% 11/2 -
Fantasy Tower Defense $2.49 50% 32 hours -
Farabel $1.99 80% 10/26 -
fault - milestone one $8.99 40% 10/26 -
Felix The Reaper $2.49 90% 11/11 67
Fight Crab $16.99 15% 17 hours 70
FLIP OVER FROG $0.99 87% 11/10 -
Flipping Death $3.99 80% 11/1 83
Freaky Awesome $3.89 70% 11/1 -
FunBox Party $$1.99 20% 11/3 -
Galaxy Champions TV $1.29 82% 11/2 65
Gas Station: Highway Services $$5.99 50% 11/6 -
Gem Smashers $6.99 30% 11/5 -
GIGA WRECKER ALT. $12.49 50% 11/1 67
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal $4.99 75% 11/1 -
Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions $5.99 50% 11/4 -
Glass Masquerade $2.99 75% 11/4 -
Goodbye Deponia $4.99 75% 11/11 77
Goonya Fighter $0.99 96% 11/10 74
Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny $9.59 20% 10/29 -
Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing $2.99 70% 11/8 -
Grimshade $18.74 25% 11/4 -
Gunman Clive HD Collection $1.99 50% 11/5 -
Hacky Zack $2.49 75% 11/4 -
Heart&Slash $4.94 67% 11/1 63
Hello Kitty Kruisers With Sanrio Friends $20.96 30% 11/1 51
Hexa Maze $13.99 30% 11/5 -
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! $4.49 70% 11/1 70
Holy Potatoes! We're In Space?! $4.49 70% 11/1 -
Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! $10.50 30% 11/1 -
Hypnospace Outlaw $14.99 25% 11/5 84
I, Zombie $1.99 60% 11/6 64
Indie Darling Bundle Vol 2 $5.24 85% 11/4 -
Indie Puzzle Bundle Vol 1 $5.99 85% 11/4 -
INK $2.24 75% 11/4 68
Invisible, Inc. Nintendo Switch Edition $14.99 25% 11/2 -
Isoland 2 - Ashes of Time $2.50 31% 11/1 -
Istanbul: Digital Edition $9.99 50% 10/27 -
It's Spring Again $0.99 50% 11/5 -
Jenny LeClue - Detectivu $$2.99 88% 11/9 -
Jeopardy! $7.99 60% 11/1 -
Jurassic Pinball $2.00 33% 11/8 -
Just Dance 2020 $19.99 50% 11/1 74
Kakurasu World $0.99 67% 11/5 -
Kawaii Deathu Desu $3.49 30% 11/12 -
Kingdom: New Lands $2.99 80% 11/3 74
Layers of Fear: Legacy $3.99 80% 11/5 80
LEGO CITY Undercover $8.99 70% 11/2 78
LEGO DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition $22.49 70% 11/2 -
LEGO DC Super-Villains $17.99 70% 11/2 75
LEGO Harry Potter Collection $12.49 75% 11/2 73
LEGO Jurassic World $11.99 70% 11/2 71
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 $8.99 70% 11/2 76
LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game $12.49 75% 11/2 66
LEGO The Incredibles $17.99 70% 11/2 65
LEGO Worlds $8.99 70% 11/2 59
Leopoldo Manquiseil $1.99 50% 11/1 -
Little Triangle $6.75 55% 11/1 74
Lonely Mountains: Downhill $14.99 25% 11/5 84
Lost Artifacts: Time Machine $3.99 60% 11/5 -
Lovecraft´s Untold Stories $6.89 54% 11/1 -
Lydia $$2.00 50% 11/7 73
Mad Carnage $0.29 94% 10/26 46
Marblelous Animals $1.99 60% 11/1 -
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle $14.99 75% 11/1 85
Mark of the Ninja: Remastered $4.99 75% 11/2 89
MazezaM - Puzzle Game $4.12 25% 11/1 -
Mecho Tales $0.09 91% 11/11 43
Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes $0.65 93% 11/11 -
Mech Rage $$1.99 80% 11/2 -
Mechstermination Force $2.39 80% 11/5 79
Mega Man 11 $14.99 50% 10/30 80
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 $9.99 50% 10/30 77
Mega Man Legacy Collection $10.04 33% 10/30 83
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 $9.99 50% 10/30 60
Mega Man X Legacy Collection $9.99 50% 10/30 84
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection $22.49 25% 10/30 83
MONOPOLY $9.99 75% 11/1 53
Monster Dynamite $13.99 30% 11/5 -
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 $19.99 60% 11/5 67
Monster Loves You $1.99 80% 11/5 -
Moonlighter $8.49 66% 10/31 83
Mortal Kombat 11 $19.99 60% 11/2 78
MotoGP20 $19.99 50% 11/5 -
Moto Rush GT $0.99 93% 11/9 74
Mushroom Quest $0.29 90% 10/26 -
My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? $2.49 90% 10/26 -
My Universe - My Baby $20.99 30% 10/28 -
Neon City Riders $13.99 30% 11/3 61
Nerdook Bundle Vol. 1 $4.49 85% 11/4 -
Neverout $1.99 73% 11/3 62
Nightmare Boy $1.99 80% 11/1 61
Ninja Shodown $2.99 80% 11/1 61
Nirvana Pilot Yume $2.99 40% 8 hours -
NORTH $1.49 50% 11/5 66
Null Drifter $2.49 50% 11/12 -
Nullum $1.39 30% 11/10 -
Observer $8.99 70% 11/5 75
Offroad Racing - Buggy X ATV X Moto $9.99 50% 10/28 -
Omega Strike $3.74 75% 11/4 -
OMG Police - Car Chase TV Simulator $1.99 60% 8 hours -
One Person Story $2.00 33% 10/27 66
Oniken: Unstoppable Edition & Odallus: The Dark Call Bundle $4.99 75% 11/4 -
OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense $0.99 88% 11/1 55
Panda Hero $7.49 50% 11/5 -
Paranautical Activity $2.39 70% 11/4 -
Parking Madness $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Party Crashers $$1.99 87% 11/12 -
Party Golf $$1.99 87% 11/12 74
Party Planet $2.99 85% 11/1 46
Pato Box $4.49 70% 11/3 74
Perfect Traffic Simulator $1.99 80% 8 hours -
Pet Shop Snacks $0.49 90% 11/9 -
Pipe Push Paradise $2.74 75% 11/4 -
Pixel Action Heroes $3.99 20% 11/9 69
Plague Road $0.99 93% 11/11 -
PLOID SAGA $2.39 80% 11/6 -
Polandball: Can Into Space $2.24 25% 10/28 -
Poopdie - Chapter One $3.35 33% 11/5 -
Project Starship $2.49 50% 11/12 -
Purrs In Heaven $2.44 65% 11/5 -
Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn $1.49 90% 11/9 -
Quest for the Golden Duck $1.99 80% 11/2 -
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition $7.49 75% 10/29 62
Rain City $4.45 41% 11/1 -
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition $9.99 75% 11/1 84
Red's Kingdom $2.99 70% 11/1 66
Red Death $2.49 50% 11/12 -
Rest in Pieces $1.99 75% 11/7 67
Restless Hero $3.49 50% 10/29 -
Rhythm of the Gods $2.24 75% 10/26 -
RICO $9.99 50% 11/1 70
Rift Keeper $4.99 50% 11/5 -
RISK Global Domination $9.99 50% 11/1 -
RIVE: Ultimate Edition $1.99 87% 11/5 82
Riverbond $7.49 70% 11/2 60
Robox $1.99 80% 11/5 -
Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX $2.99 70% 11/8 -
Rogue Bit $2.49 50% 11/2 -
Rollin' Eggz $1.99 33% 11/11 -
Rooms: The Adventure of Anne & George $5.90 61% 11/1 -
Rune Factory 4 Special $29.99 25% 10/29 81
Scribblenauts Mega Pack $9.99 75% 11/2 76
Scribblenauts Showdown $9.99 75% 11/2 47
Sea Salt $9.89 34% 11/2 -
Shift Happens $2.99 80% 11/11 -
Shikhondo - Soul Eater $4.19 70% 11/4 53
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment $6.99 30% 11/1 84
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove $27.99 30% 11/1 91
Sigi - A Fart for Melusina $2.49 50% 11/5 52
Silence $3.99 90% 11/11 75
Skelly Selest & Straimium Immortaly Double Pack $5.99 70% 11/4 -
Skull Rogue $$1.99 33% 11/3 -
Sky Racket $3.74 75% 17 hours 72
Sky Ride $0.99 86% 11/10 -
Slots of Poker at Aces Casino $3.99 50% 11/1 -
Solitaire Deluxe Bundle - 3 in 1 $2.99 80% 11/9 -
Soul Searching $$3.99 60% 11/7 66
South Park: The Fractured but Whole - Standard Edition $14.99 75% 11/1 80
South Park: The Stick of Truth $11.99 60% 11/1 82
Spectrum $2.39 80% 11/4 -
Speed 3: Grand Prix $35.99 10% 11/10 -
Speed Dating for Ghosts $2.09 70% 11/1 -
Speedway Racing $$4.99 50% 11/12 -
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy $14.99 50% 11/5 61
Spirit Roots $1.98 72% 11/2 -
Spooky Ghosts Dot Com $$2.49 50% 11/2 -
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition $14.99 75% 11/1 -
Starman $0.99 89% 11/11 -
State of Mind $3.99 90% 11/11 63
SteamWorld Dig 2 $7.99 60% 11/1 88
SteamWorld Dig $2.49 75% 11/1 75
SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition $4.99 75% 11/1 91
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech $12.49 50% 11/1 81
Stellar Interface $1.99 85% 11/1 -
STELLATUM $7.49 50% 11/5 -
Stick It to The Man $2.39 80% 11/1 74
Stones of the Revenant $$4.99 50% 11/6 -
Storm In A Teacup $2.09 30% 11/1 -
STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town $34.99 30% 10/29 77
Streets of Red - Devil's Dare Deluxe $5.99 40% 11/1 79
SubaraCity $2.50 50% 10/30 62
Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition $12.99 35% 11/4 73
Super Arcade Soccer $2.09 70% 11/8 -
Super Chariot $1.49 90% 11/4 76
Supermarket Shriek $$17.99 10% 11/6 -
SuperMash $1.99 90% 11/4 51
Super One More Jump $0.98 86% 11/1 81
Super Punch Patrol $4.49 10% 11/5 75
Super Street: Racer $17.49 56% 11/1 66
Swap This! $1.99 60% 11/5 59
Sweet Witches $$1.99 80% 11/2 -
Swordbreaker The Game $$1.99 60% 11/2 -
Swords & Soldiers $1.99 73% 11/5 72
Syberia 2 $1.49 95% 11/4 68
Syberia 3 $9.99 80% 11/4 -
Syberia $4.90 67% 11/4 76
Tactical Mind $$1.99 33% 11/3 54
Tamashii $5.99 50% 11/4 -
Tangle Tower $13.99 30% 10/25 85
The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition $1.99 60% 11/11 -
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human $3.89 70% 11/4 72
The Bunker $6.49 50% 11/5 60
The Experiment: Escape Room $3.19 20% 10/31 -
The Great Perhaps $4.99 50% 11/2 -
The Last Campfire $11.99 20% 10/26 81
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame $11.99 70% 11/2 56
The Long Journey Home $5.99 80% 11/11 58
Them Bombs! $9.79 30% 11/8 -
Theme Park Simulator: Roller Coaster & Thrill Rides $7.94 47% 11/1 -
The Mooseman $3.49 50% 11/5 70
The Office Quest $3.59 70% 11/5 -
The Outer Worlds $47.99 20% 10/30 66
The Raven Remastered $14.99 50% 11/5 74
The Tower of Beatrice $2.99 50% 11/5 -
They Breathe $2.67 33% 11/5 -
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition $2.24 75% 11/4 59
Time Tenshi $10.49 30% 11/1 -
Toki Tori 2+: Nintendo Switch Edition $1.99 87% 11/5 84
Toki Tori $1.99 60% 11/5 82
Toki $2.95 80% 10/28 66
Tower Climb $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Tower Of Time $16.23 35% 11/4 -
Towertale $1.99 80% 11/5 -
Trailblazers $5.99 80% 11/1 62
Treasure Stack $3.99 80% 10/31 52
Trials Rising $5.99 70% 11/1 78
TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! $9.99 50% 11/1 61
Truck Driving Simulator $$8.99 25% 11/13 -
Twister Road $$0.99 80% 11/8 -
Ubongo $9.09 35% 10/26 -
Ultimate Runner $13.99 30% 11/5 -
Uncanny Valley $2.49 75% 11/4 -
Underhero $10.18 40% 11/4 86
UNO $3.99 60% 11/1 69
Unrailed! $14.99 25% 11/12 69
Up Cliff Drive $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Urban Flow Extended Edition $$6.79 60% 11/13 -
Valfaris & Slain Double Pack $13.99 65% 11/4 -
Valiant Hearts: The Great War $4.99 75% 11/1 77
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York $11.69 10% 10/29 65
Vertical Drop Heroes HD $2.49 75% 11/4 -
Viviette $6.99 30% 11/5 58
War Theatre $0.65 93% 11/11 -
WeakWood Throne $$2.99 40% 11/13 -
Wheel of Fortune $7.99 60% 11/1 -
Wide Ocean Big Jacket $3.19 60% 11/1 79
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge $6.89 54% 11/1 75
Windmill Kings $1.99 80% 11/2 -
WordHerd $1.99 67% 10/25 -
World Soccer Pinball $2.00 33% 11/8 -
World Tree Marché $5.99 50% 10/30 -
Wuppo: Definitive Edition $4.99 67% 10/29 -
Wurroom $0.99 50% 11/5 -
WWE 2K Battlegrounds $29.99 25% 10/29 56
Zarvot $9.99 50% 41 hours 72
Zenith $7.49 50% 11/1 -
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Before Game Sports Science Sex Before the Big Game
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You asked for it, here it is: Meeting McCarthy (1992)

Meeting McCarthy
by Garry Wallace
Southern Quarterly, 1992, 30(4), 134-139
In March of 1989, while traveling to El Paso with Betty Carey, I was afforded the opportunity of meeting Cormac McCarthy. Betty Carey, of Las Vegas World Series of Poker fame, was writing a book about her adventures as a professional gambler. She had arranged to meet with McCarthy to discuss her current writing, as well as to rendezvous with their common friend, Frank Morton, another gambler. What follows is my best recollection of the several conversations that took place over three days of our visit. I made no tape recording or notes during these informal, quite friendly talks, but wrote what I remembered in a journal after returning from El Paso. This account is recreated from chapters in my unpublished novel based on my year-long writing partnership with Betty Carey, and is as accurate as memory allows. Where I felt reasonable confident about actual words, I have used direct quotations. Elsewhere, I have paraphrased.
​On a bright spring Sunday morning, Betty and I awaited McCarthy in a quaint family restaurant on Mesa Avenue in El Paso, where Cormac suggested we meet to have brunch. Betty clutched a handkerchief to absorb the perspiration from her hands. She was nervous, as was I. Each time the entrance door opened, we glanced in anticipation. Finally a man, nondescript—medium build, short hair, a dull plaid shirt—walked down the short flight of stairs, his eyes searching the lower tier where we seated. It was Cormac McCarthy.
​Betty smiled and we got up to greet her friend. McCarthy asked about Betty’s book. He had been privy to her very first draft, written three years before. Her stories were about life as a gambler. For thirteen years she had won and lost fortunes, sitting at poker tables across the country with men like Jack Strauss and Amarillo Slim, risking life to hijackers, still able to spirit away tidy sums unknown to anyone but herself. Betty told McCarthy that so much had happened since that first draft that she was in the process of rewriting the whole story. Betty had allegedly been cheated in a Las Vegas casino scam. There were allegations of Gaming Commission and FBI coverups. Her case was then on appeal before the Nevada Supreme Court, ultimately to be thrown out because of the statute of limitations.
​She asked McCarthy if it was common for writers to do so much rewriting. He said he knew a few writers who would compose a hundred pages of a novel and then have to start over, but that he usually knew where his own novels were going from the start.
​Betty told McCarthy that she and I had written the screenplay of her story, and that ICM of Los Angeles had said it possessed some of the same appeal as Silkwood. She failed to mention that the agent had turned it down for being “awkwardly written,” because we’d portrayed Betty as an “arrogant and unsympathetic character,” and because “the authors seem inexperienced in mapping out dramatic framework.” She said, “I’m writing my book in a suspense format. I want it to be a best seller.”
​“I don’t read best sellers,” McCarthy said. Feeling responsible for the latest direction the book had taken, I explained, “What she means by ‘best seller’ is that she wants the facts of the casino scam to reach as many people as possible.” With a curt nod McCarthy indicated that he had understood that to be Betty’s meaning. He acted friendly yet cool toward me, a stranger.
​McCarthy asked if there was a particular author that Betty was patterning her novel after. I mentioned Ken Follett. McCarthy nodded and said that Follet (sic) was good. He mentioned also that Stephen King was a good writer. From his earlier comment on best sellers, I wasn’t sure if McCarthy had read these authors or if he was speaking from hearsay.
​“What do you read?” I asked. McCarthy said he read mostly nonfiction, although he did enjoy Hemingway. Betty and I had a conversation the day before with Irving Brown and his wife, proprietors of a used and rare book store on Mesa Avenue. An acquaintance of McCarthy as well as a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, El Paso, Brown told us that McCarthy—an unpretentious man who often did his laundry right next door—considered Melville the greatest author, and that he read books about astronomy and physics. Brown especially liked the part in Suttree where Cornelius sees his reflection in the glass door and thinks, “Suttree and anti-Suttree.” Brown said that in his opinion McCarthy had over-read Plato.
​Betty mentioned how hard it was to find the time to write. When I said, “You have to be selfish,” McCarthy agreed, but substituted the word “ruthless.” Betty listed a few of the interruptions she had to put up with, eliciting McCarthy’s remark that he could write in a train station if he had to, but not if somebody kept asking for directions. McCarthy said that he wrote in the morning, every morning. “Why not write every day?” he asked rhetorically. “In the afternoon I visit friends. You can’t write all day long.”
​When Betty said she wished she could just run away from her obligations and be free to write, McCarthy recalled that once he had spent an entire year doing little more than playing pool with his friends.
​Betty and McCarthy talked about their lives, the consequences of their successes. Betty said that no more would she consent to interviews because so often they changed the story, often sensationalizing her life beyond reality. McCarthy agreed, saying that he would not do interviews.1 He told Betty that J. D. Salinger had given only one interview throughout his career as a novelist, to elementary children.
​“Do you teach?” I asked.
​Looking at me sternly, McCarthy said that he did not, and he seemed not to want to discuss it further. He mentioned an author, Robert Fulghum, who had published a somewhat humorous book about learning all you need to know by the time you graduate from kindergarten. McCarthy gave a few examples: “To tell the truth. Not to hit each other. To be fair.”
​Betty laughed. “I like that,” she said. From the things McCarthy said about academia, I understood him to believe that many of human beings’ problems arose from pursuits in education. In a later conversation about spiritual experiences, McCarthy said that education often got in the way of understanding. He added that in certain Eskimo cultures, art, of both high and low quality, was seen as good. Art was a personal expression. Nobody went around telling children how to do theirs differently.
​Betty said she felt different from most people in our society, that she was very much a loner and that her friends would not be considered mainstream. McCarthy referred to himself and Betty as “outlaws.” He gazed at her and said, “Look who we are. We’re desperate people.” They had both lived such uncommon lives that their spirits were easily kindred. I felt that my own life had been too sheltered.
​Again I asked McCarthy if he could recommend any good books or authors that a beginning writer should read. He said, “All great writers read all other great writers.” Upon further prodding, he mentioned several of John McFee’s books and The Song Lines by Bruce Chatwin. McCarthy said that he knew Larry McMurtry; because McCarthy loved the television movie “Lonesome Dove” so much, he said that he would never read the book.
​Betty mentioned her love of traveling and said that some people had suggested she write a book about her travels, or a how-to-on poker, and forget the nonsense about exposing the alleged casino scam that had cheated her out of many thousands of dollars. Betty asked about what she could and could not write about other people. McCarthy said that writers had great latitude in their writing and, on a question about other people’s ideas, said, “If you like it, use it.” I believe this came under the axiom that everything had already been written and that most ideas were neither unique in themselves nor original.
​Brunch ended and the coffee pot went dry. I picked up the bill. Betty and I drove the camper back to the motel with McCarthy following in his old beater. The exterior of his car had been sandblasted to the metal and touched up with primer paint. It looked prepped for the body shop. Even with my untrained ear, I could tell the engine ran well.
​At the motel Betty dug into her briefcase for her most recently drafted chapter, which she handed to McCarthy, apologizing for its not being typed. McCarthy said, “That’s all right. We’re friends. We do things like this for each other.”
​The next day, Betty and I met McCarthy at an out-of-the-way health food store that served frozen yogurt and sandwiches. We ordered at the counter and took seats at a small table next to the front window. After we were served, the conversation turned to writing. Betty asked which person it would be best to write her story in, and McCarthy said that was always a hard question to answer. He asked which person she felt most comfortable writing in, and Betty said that both the first and third had their benefits, but that she just couldn’t decide. She wanted McCarthy to tell her which to use, and he could not do that. He offered suggestions quite sparingly. To a question about how descriptive to make Betty’s book, McCarthy said that the point of most novels could be told in a paragraph. The reason they’re longer is so the author can tell a story. And he said, “Don’t ever treat your audience as if they’re stupid. Your reader is smart.”
​“Have you read Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying?” McCarthy asked. She had not. He explained that each chapter of the novel had been written in the first person from the perspective of each of the different characters. When he suggested that Betty might try something like that, I could see hopelessness on Betty’s face. She had been working on her book for over three years.
​McCarthy mentioned that Faulkner had written the novel during his spare moments while working on a manual labor job at night. He said that Faulkner had even used a wheelbarrow on which to compose the story. McCarthy said that Faulkner never expected the novel to become great, and that the novel had a certain amateurish quality that gave the book its great appeal. He said that Betty should not be overly concerned if her writing was not professional, and that she should try to retain the natural quality that her writing had, as that was often the mark of literature. Because Betty was having trouble getting the most recent draft of the novel started, McCarthy suggested that she could try writing the ending of her story first, then the beginning. He told her to get a tape recorder and tell her stories into a microphone and then play them back.
​Betty talked about the most recent developments of her story, but even with McCarthy she was hesitant to reveal many of the specifics. McCarthy became curious when Betty described the four levels by which she categorized poker players. She explained that the top two levels involved the reading of “tells” (short for “telegraphing”), and the ability to send out misleading “false tells.” She mentioned how she tested people by asking “set up” questions and viewing their responses. She would often ask questions to which she was sure a person would lie, and then remember what behaviors accompanied those responses.
​“Fascinating,” McCarthy said. “Do I have any tells?”
​Betty laughed and studied him more closely. “I haven’t noticed any yet.”
​That night, in a freak blizzard, Betty and I drove to a motel across town where Frank Morton was spending the night on his way home from Los Angeles. Frank was the classic itinerant gambler, as well as a somewhat unorthodox evangelist. He was the liaison who had initially brought McCarthy and Betty together.
​A tall man with graying hair, Frank spoke with a voice that was garbled with years of cigarette smoking, and his breathing was labored. I found him friendly and rather opinionated, but he would listen to your ideas if you could break into the stream of his talk.
​After McCarthy arrived, we all climbed into Frank’s car. The snow and sleet moved on, leaving a violent sand storm in its wake. Frank followed McCarthy’s directions to a Mexican restaurant, and by the time we got there, the wind had died. Frank talked on about the hate among the races in L.A., about people’s lack of trust and the general downfall of the human condition. Each of us added opinions now and then, but it was Frank who monopolized the conversation and filled the air with smoke. We were his congregation. McCarthy sat and listened, offering few observations of his own.
​Back at his motel room, Frank related a number of personal religious experiences that he had had over the years, pointing out the flaws in other people’s lack of faith. I challenged him, saying that one day science would understand these unexplained phenomena for what they really were.
​McCarthy commented that some cultures used drugs to enhance the spiritual experience, and that he had tried LSD before the drug was made illegal. He said that it had helped to open his eyes to these kinds of experiences. Betty recounted having seen the image of Christ on a bus while in Costa Rica. This had been at a time following the casino scam when Betty had been on the run. She said that her experience was as real as our sitting together in the motel room. It had not been a dream or hallucination.
​Always the skeptic, I said, “But how does that prove Christianity? Why not Buddha or Allah? You saw Jesus because you were raised in Jesus-land.” I looked to Frank and McCarthy. Their expressions were sympathetic.
​McCarthy was slumped into one of the chairs with his left leg slung over the arm rest. He appeared a very patient listener. He said that he felt sorry for me because I was unable to grasp this concept of spiritual experience. He said that people all over the world, in every religion, were familiar with this experience. He asked if I’d ever read William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience. I had not. His attitude seemed to indicate that in this book were the answers to many of the questions posed during our evening discussion. I was nonplussed. ​ ​“Truth,” McCarthy said about what writers must accomplish in their writing.
​“But what exactly is truth?” I asked.
​“Truth,” he repeated, his implications tacit.
​The next morning, Betty and I were at the motel when McCarthy arrived to go over his response to Betty’s chapter. He had written his critique on separate, smaller pieces of paper. Point by point, he went over his comments, offering occasional praise while not sparing the rod. Afterwards, I listed the three qualities I believed necessary for a person to become a successful writher: “To read a lot. To write a lot. To experience a lot.” McCarthy said that we all had experience enough from which to write.
​Months after our visit, I wrote McCarthy, completing a few thoughts I’d been unable to that night we discussed spiritual experiences. Some time later, I received his reply.
​He said that the religious experience is always described through the symbols of a particular culture and thus is somewhat misrepresented by them. He indicated that even the religious person is often uncomfortable with such experiences and accounts of them, and that those who have not had a religious experience cannot comprehend it through second-hand accounts, even good ones like James’s Varieties of Religious Experience. He went on to say that he thinks the mystical experience is a direct apprehension of reality, unmediated by symbol, and he ended with the thought that our inability to see spiritual truth is the greater mystery.
1 He has recently made an exception to this rule, granting an interview to the Richard B. Woodward of the New York Times Magazine on the occasion of the publication of All the Pretty Horses. My account of our visit with McCarthy, neither intended nor conducted as an interview, is published here with his knowledge.
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Math, Physics, And Roulette. My ridiculous runs and why I’m committed to recognizing and suppressing my addiction.

It felt appropriate that my first post ever in Reddit would be something gambling related. I started playing poker when I was 15. Was on PokerStars the moment I turned 18, before the government came and shut everything down. On my 21st birthday, my family took me to Las Vegas to celebrate and I was at the tables the moment the clock struck midnight on my birthday. My game of choice was roulette when I tried to applied math and physics to it with decent success. To this day, I’m still paying the price for the stupid shit I did to finance it.
Before approaching a roulette table, I spent a TON of time calculating expected value and figuring out how I could maximize the amount of money I could make. I put together my own patterns and schemes that took into consideration physics and following the pattern the ball would take as it traveled the wheel. I would play with small denominations at my local casino to validate if my hypotheses were correct. Very early on, I was finding success and would win a couple hundred bucks here and there. That’s when I started thinking that I had a chance to make a bunch of money and wanted to take my methods to Las Vegas.
One of the first nights staying in the cosmopolitan, I put down a couple hundred bucks and started watching the wheel... I wanted to get a sense of the pattern the wheel was showing me. I had a couple drinks, and I was catching on to a pattern, and found myself up about $1k and feeling great. Then I started getting greedy... drinking a little more... and lost track of time and myself. I wasn’t betting big on a couple numbers... I was betting a calculated amount within a particular pattern that maximizes my expected value. Before I knew it, I was up about $10k and not knowing how the fuck I got back to my room without being mugged. The next night, I applied my methods at a couple wheels at Planet Hollywood and ended up another $5k up. I felt unstoppable, like I figured out how to make money.
My greed got the best of me. I thought I could drink, apply some math and science, and win whenever I wanted. To this day, I honestly can’t recall whether I’m up or down from gambling activities. I’ve had runs of losing thousands, and I’ve had runs of winning thousands. I’ve won a stack at New York New York and a local casino since that first big hit. I’d wake up some mornings with thousands of dollars charged to my credit card in cash advances. I’ve even gambled always thousands, all night long in a Las Vegas casino while my girlfriend slept alone in a comped wraparound suite at the cosmopolitan. The shit I got into was out of control, and I needed to figure my shit out and get my priorities straight before I got into the hole and fucked up my life financially.
I feel really vulnerable posting this... but I want to be a support for anyone that feels like they have a problem and need help. I haven’t gambled in over six months, and feel like I have better control of my impulses and my life. I’ve even taken up new hobbies to ensure I don’t fall back into my addiction. Always know that I’m here to support when anyone else is feeling down.
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Vegas Trip is coming up! Looking for advice, comments, etc

Wall of text coming, will be a TL;DR (Too long didn't read) at the bottom if you want to skip this.
My wife and I are going to Vegas in 2 weeks! (My second time). We have 4 days at New York/New York (comped from MGM) heading to Anaheim for 3 days to check out Disneyland and some escape rooms. When we come back we will be staying at the D (that's to their generosity) before leaving to come back home.
Our bankroll will be about $200-250 per day (any money left from the previous day we split and add to the next day. Worked well for us last year). This will make life difficult on the strip. We plan to play mostly at Excalibur. My wife mostly plays slots, so I'll likely end up at other strip casinos so I'll need something to do. Any idea what the limits are for bubble craps machines on the strip? Are there any cheaper ones at MGM or Caesars properties? (Min $1-3 would be awesome, but I know that is dreaming). We plan to see Shin Lim at the Mirage so we will likely play something before the show. We also plan to see Mat Franco at the Linq, so I'm guessing my wife will want to play some slots there, so I'll be hoping for some cheaper bubble craps as well.
We plan to take a day to travel to other parts of Las Vegas. I plan to go towards the Boulder Strip and play craps at Joker's Wild and any other cheaper places over on that side of town (suggestions welcome). I know that those areas have a lot of locals, new dealers and slower play, which I'm fine with. Hoping to find some of those cheap tables out that way.
We also considered heading towards the north end to check out the Aliante Casino and any others up there. We won't be in Vegas in time to check out the Hard Rock, which we never went into and never got to go into Hooters.
We plan to be downtown for a large portion of our trip (we have a rental) and play at Golden Gate, the D and Four Queens. We didn't play at the California or Main St last time, so we plan to check them out since we have a Boyd property close to home. We love downtown and except to spend much of our time there. We did stay and play at Fremont last time (since it was comped from play at our local Boyd casino), but it wasn't our favorite place. We never went into Golden Nugget since it seemed more expensive at night and Binions we spent maybe 15 minutes there. The Plaza we only ate there, but never had a chance to play.
My wife hit a jackpot at Golden Gate last year and loved the D so we plan to spend a lot of time there. They have a horse racing game upstairs that uses tokens, didn't get a chance to play it last time. We also both appreciate the dancing dealers. As well, they have a table game that is poker but has wilds. It was pretty fun and we could play for quite a while before starting to lose money.
We also want to hit the El Cortez to play the old slot machines with quarters/tokens and check out their craps tables.
On our trip to California, we considered stopping by some of those casinos in Primm (Buffalo Bills, Whiskey Petes, Primm Valley) because they look like fun dive places we could spend an hour or two at, get something to eat and break up our drive. Any experience with those?
If we run out of money, we plan to check out the Neon Museum, the Pinball Museum and take in some people watching. As well, I didn't get into all of the strip casinos (like the Cosmo, Cromwell and a few others to get my $1 chip).
All in all, we have a lot we want to do in a short period of time. More travel means less money spent on gambling right?
The TL;DR - looking for cheap bubble craps options on the strip, cheap places to play off the strip, craps parlours/old places to play that I should check into.
Any suggestions are welcome.
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Inside Underground NY Poker

I have a ton of stories from my days of dealing in the underground clubs in New York. I now live in Vegas and work here full time in the poker industry. I often get asked by the players here in Vegas to tell some stories of my club days. Maybe poker will find it interesting as well.
This all started in 2006.
Fox's Club - 1.1 A bit of some background about me -- I basically grew up in the poker world. My grandmother was a playedealer decades ago (her boyfriend ran a large club in Queens, NY) and she started teaching me 7 Stud, 5-Card Draw Hi, and NL Hold'Em starting when I was 6 years old. We would play with a cheap Hoyle chipset she had purchased from the local grocery store. Occasionally, I even beat her — I’ll never be sure to this day if she let me win, but I’ll always hold those memories close. Poker was something we always did together and did often. It would be unusual to see my Grandma without a deck of cards on her.
As I got older, my whole family would play together. When I reached middle and high school, I would host multi-table $20-$50 buy-in tournaments at my house and there would be about 40-50 of us at my house playing poker, socializing, eating, and doing what kids do. We were all terrible and had no idea what we were doing, but we were all having fun and little did I know it, but I was getting a taste of what was to come in terms of my career later on in life.
When I hit 16 years old, a friend of mine from high school — Joey — who had gone off to college in Queens at St. John’s had come back home for the summer. He had been introduced to a very large and popular underground club in College Point, NY. At the time, he was making a regular income from playing small stakes MTT’s on Full Tilt instead of having a regular job during college, and naturally found his way into live poker. This was my first introduction to the underground poker world. In addition to playing online with him, I accompanied him and a couple of his college buddies one night to play $1/$3 NL at a live underground club. I was able to play because I had made some substantial money from running and eventually selling my own web hosting business while in high school. My other passion that I had started learning from a very young age was computer programming. I was coding in Visual Basic by 11 years old because a friend of my father’s, who was a software developer, had decided that I had shown some aptitude for the field and took an interest in mentoring me. I was lucky to have been given the opportunity of his time, teachings, books, etc. Anyway, off we went to Fox’s Club — Fox was the connected mob guy who owned the club. The game was protected and everyone knew it. It was a very social place.
If you’ve ever been to an underground club, then you know that the quality of the customer service and experience can vary greatly from game to game. Fox’s game was the creme of the crop, it was absolutely top notch. It ran everyday, night and day.
It was located in a large, multi-story industrial lot which sat right near a main intersection, which meant lots of traffic — a very good thing because the traffic to and from the game just blended in with the usual activity.
When you pulled in, you could park anywhere you wanted out of the tens of dozens of spots. It didn’t matter where you parked anyway — I’ll get to why in a minute. Then, you would walk upstairs to the 2nd story to come stop in front of a giant steel door with a buzzer and several cameras positioned in front.
When you rang the bell, they’d ask you who you were, you’d tell them how and who invited you, and in a minute or two you’d be buzzed in through the first steel door. After entering, you’d come to a second steel door with another camera positioned in front, which only opened from the inside.
When you finally entered the room, it was gorgeous — clean, large, comfortable, and was equipped with everything you wanted in a club. A full-sized kitchen, multiple clean bathrooms (one even had a shower), a lounge area, a high limit room, waitresses, a bunch of large flat screen TV’s, and a smoking room among other things. The first thing you’d notice was that they had 6 high-quality poker tables paired with executive chairs, not including the one in the high-limit room. This club was spacious.
As you walked in, a valet would ask for your keys and he would go fetch your vehicle and park it in an organized fashion amongst the others. You’d then make your way over to the podium and tell the floor which game you wanted to play — they usually had at least several games going — $1/$3, $2/$5, and $5/$10 NL and higher when it ran, but the much higher games were much more private.
Strapped with $1,000 in cash on me, I request a seat in the $1/$3 game and eventually make my way onto the table. The max buy-in was $500, which I opted for because most stacks at the table were deep. It didn’t really matter anyway — this was my first time playing in an underground poker club and I was nervous as hell. I didn’t know how to act, was totally naive to my safety, I was 16 years old and I was clearly “the kid” in the club.
I remember winning one of my first pots, and a mid-30’s Asian guy sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder.
“Aren’t you going to tip the dealer?”
“What do you mean? Are we supposed to do that?”
“Of course, they work on tips. When you win a pot, toss them a buck, if it’s a big pot then maybe a redbird or two.”
“Oh, uh… I see… I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” and I toss the dealer a buck.
Over the course of the summer and playing there a dozen or so times, I began to take notice how much these dealers were making. Back then, in this particular club, dealers were well taken care of and I managed figure out that they were pulling in at least $1,000 per shift depending on their duties and how long they spent in the box. Some guys had multiple roles, would often spend time on the phone with players, some would work the cage area, some would floor other times, etc.
The questioned then dawned upon me — why am I risking my money playing this game, when I could learn how to deal it and be guaranteed to make money without any risk?
That was when I started to become friendly with Big Mike — one of the regular dealers. I wanted to deal and I wanted a job there… How was I going to make this happen? How could I pass up learning how to make $1k a night at a job that looked like it could be a lot of fun?
To be continued…

Fox’s Club — 1.2
Thinking about it now, the thought of a 16 year old kid wanting to learn how to deal poker in an underground club and actually turning out to be good at it… is just plain hilarious. But, I was determined to learn this skill, and even though I was a little naive about it, I made a promise to myself that I was going to study poker and poker dealing.
When you’re that young, the problem is that your brain is not yet fully developed and no matter how mature and intelligent someone of that age can be, the fact remains that they have yet to gain “wisdom” — the kind which can only be acquired through time. I say this because I grossly underestimated the amount of time on the felt it really takes to become a solid, “A”-Dealer. But again, I had drive and determination to learn how to deal.
I became friendly with Big Mike, got his phone number, and would text him whenever I wanted to come down to the club. I let him know that I wanted to learn how to deal and asked him how he learned. He told me that he had went to dealer school. I didn’t know such a thing existed. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about me learning how to deal, he said I was too young and didn’t know the game well enough yet. I came to the conclusion that Big Mike wasn’t going to help me, and sure enough, he never did in that regard. I kept him as a poker contact and would eventually be invited to other games and clubs by him, something that could be really helpful later on.
With Big Mike not wanting to teach me, my plan was to go to Fox’s to play, and when I wasn’t in a hand I was going to study what the dealer was doing — what he did with his hands, how he shuffled, what he said, what he was constantly doing with the chips in his rack? This was how I discovered rake, by the way. I didn’t even know what rake was.
At Fox’s, everybody paid $5 per half when the dealers would make their push. I thought that that was how they were making their money. What I didn’t know was that they were also taking a rake. There wasn’t a gator or dropbox for the rake. It didn’t sit out openly in front of the players as it does in casino card rooms. The dealer would quickly take out chips from the pot and they would go right into the well. Every half, the dealer that was pushing in would replace the well with the one they were carrying.
The first time I saw the rake being taken, I was puzzled by what was happening and didn’t know what was going on. No-one else at the table ever seemed to say anything or even acknowledge it so I figured it must be okay. When I saw Big Mike go into the smoking lounge for his break, I got up from the table and went inside to ask him about it. He then educated me about rake and what it was. I was dumbfounded. This place must be making a sh*tload of money. 10% of the pot up to $25? I started to do the math on all the tables running, the time being taken every half hour, an average pot size for an average rake amount, and came up with an impressive number. Damn, what a lucrative business to be in.
During the time I spent watching the dealer, I picked up lots of little things here and there, but ultimately just watching was not enough. I needed some proper instruction. I also knew I needed to learn how to “deal” the cards the way Big Mike did with that flick of his fingers — not knowing at the time that it was called “pitching the cards”.
All of this information. All of these techniques. There must be some resources and information on poker dealing on the internet, right? I mean, if Big Mike went to a school that teaches how to deal poker, then there must be some info on where to go. I’d later on make a discovery that would make a huge impact on my life.
So, I decided that moving forward, I was going to focus on getting better at the game while I spent my time at Fox’s. Maybe Big Mike was right. Maybe I didn’t know the game well enough yet. Instead of trying to learn how to deal there, I’ll just play the game and try and win as much money as I can.
This didn’t turn out so well, however, as I was not yet a competent player. I had no live experience — I was very easy to read, made the mistake of engaging in table talk and failing at every verbal jousting I took part in, and I hadn’t yet been a real student of the game. I was learning the hard way through trial and error, which of course cost me tons of money.
I didn’t always lose, because I wasn’t an idiot and was intelligent enough to realize that there actually is a skill component to this game. The Asian guy (from Part 1) in his mid 30’s, the one who politely taught me about tipping dealers, turned out to be a pretty cool guy.
His name was Andy. When we first officially met, he asked me about which college I was going to and what major I was studying.
“So, you in college? What are you studying?”
“Actually, I’m still in high school. I haven’t decided yet which school I want to go to. I still have a couple of years left.”
“What? How old are you, buddy?”
“I’m 16, I’ll be 17 after the summer.”
“So you can’t even drive, yet? Is that why you always come by with a friend?”
“Yeah, I’m still saving up for a car. I think I’m gonna buy a used Mazda 6.”
He was curious about where I was getting all of this money I had to play with at the tables. I told him about my computer background and web hosting business. He was impressed and I had earned his respect. He told me that he had initially thought that I was just another one of the college kids that came by to play — money from their parents, or playing with the extra college loan money that was left over and sent out as a check to students who got loans.
We developed a kind of student-teacher relationship. He smoked a ton of cigarettes, and every time he did, I would join him in the smoking lounge and he would tell me his thoughts on how I played certain hands, point out mistakes I made, give me positive reinforcement on things I was doing correctly, pull me off the table when I would start to tilt, and overall just looked out for me. Andy was a very good player as well, judging by the fact that he consistently won and could always give me a logical reason and argument to why I should do things a certain way.
Other people who tried to teach me the game would say things like “You should have raised on the turn”, and when I asked “Why?”, I would always get the same response — “Because you lost the hand”. That made no sense at all to me. That’s not an answer, it doesn’t answer the question at all. That’s just another way of saying that if I was a psychic and could predict the future, the way I could have won the hand was by knowing what the outcome was and making the right play.
Andy would say things like “You should have raised on the turn”, and when I asked, “Why?” He would say things like “Well, why did you decide to call instead of raise? Did you even consider raising at all? Did you consider folding? What did you think he was betting into you with? You had a set of 9’s on a board that had one broadway card and two flush draws”. That was when I realized that I wasn’t even thinking much about what the other guys had, I was just playing my own cards and when I didn’t make hands, I would try and bluff, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. I was starting to learn the game from a thinking player’s perspective.
Andy had been playing poker for a long time already and was an underground grinder. After graduating from college with a degree in finance, he got a job at some firm but eventually left to pursue poker. Between his investments and playing poker full time, that was how he made his income. He played in tons of games and clubs all around New York and was what you would call an underground pro.
At the time, if you were a competent player, it was quite easy to make money in those games. There were tons of fish and people who would literally donate money. In the beginning, I was one of them. So were Joey and his college buddies. Joey was a decent online MTT player — skilled enough to consistently cash in small tournaments — but he wasn’t very good at playing cash games. Especially live cash games. He was too easy to read. So was I — absolutely awful at hiding tells, let alone knowing what those tells were.
I remember one particular session at Fox’s where I was running like God. I had turned $500 into nearly $4,000. I was getting super lucky, super quickly. I’ll never forget this session as it was the first time I walked out of Fox’s with a huge wad of cash in my pocket. And it started off with the first hand I played that night.
I always waited to play until I was in the big blind, something Andy advised me to do, as you couldn’t come in for free behind the button, not that I even knew what that was at the time. Forgive my recollection of this hand, it’s rough at best, it was over a decade ago, but it was the first time I saw how brutal poker could be.
There was a raise to $15, a re-raise to $50, a call, another call, and I look down in the big blind at T9ss. I was still superstitious at the time and always played my first hand, no matter what it was. So I called and the original raiser called as well. 5 players.
The flop comes TT9 with two clubs, and I check. There’s a bet of $150, then the next guy jams, the next guy also jams, another all-in, and at this point I remember thinking to myself — holy sh*t — I quickly call, so does the guy in front of me. I then turn my hand over. What does it matter? Everybody is all in, give me the money baby!
Everyone else follows suit, and tables their holdings wondering what the hell is going on here. We’ve got a 5-way all-in, something I’d never seen before — AK of clubs, pocket aces, pocket 9’s, and QJ, which I’m fairly sure was suited.
I’d be lying if I told you what happened after this point. My body was overflowing with adrenaline. The dealer does his work and the next thing I know I have $2.5k in front of me and some really pissed off people sitting next to me.
As the session continues, within the next few orbits I manage to pick up pocket aces and pocket kings, stack two players, and it was at this point that I had around $4,000 in front of me.
Like I said, running like God. Then, it happened.
Thinking I was invincible, I re-raise a guy with 64o. The flop comes A44. The guy bets and I just go all-in, not knowing what else I could do. He then tanks for a minute, and says to me, “You’re really that lucky huh? You got that 4 don’t you?”
I remember just smiling like a teenager who had just lost his virginity.
“I don’t know what to tell you man, but yeah, I do. I have 64”, as I shook my head “yes”.
“I believe you.” And the guy open mucks AK. I show him the 64.
I get shipped the pot, and then Andy says to come join him in the smoking lounge. I didn’t smoke, but my Mother had for years so it didn’t bother me much.
“Why in the hell did you tell that guy what you had? You need to learn how to act composed at the table.”
“I didn’t know what else to do. It didn’t feel right lying to the guy.”
“That’s because you’re a good kid. This is poker, buddy. You can’t ever feel bad about taking someone’s chips, or else you’ll never succeed at this game.”
“Well what should I have done then? What should I have said?”
“For now, the next time that happens, don’t say a word. Just stare at the board until the other player makes a decision. You’re clearly not capable of table talk, yet. If you feel like you have to respond and can’t ignore the other player any longer, then just use my line and then tell him it’s on him.”
“What’s your line?”
“Well, I can’t lose if you fold.”
And I’ll never forget that line. I still use it sometimes to this day. You have to understand that this happened back when you could actually engage your opponent verbally when it was heads up. Now, you can’t discuss the contents of your hand whatsoever. That era has ended and table talk is not what it once was. In my opinion, I firmly believe that this particular change in poker was not a positive one. It made poker really fun and really interesting. It was a large contributor to the social element of the game. And it felt really, really, good when you would successfully talk your opponent into making the move you wanted them to make.
Andy continued smoking his cigarette while telling me I should cash out and go home with a huge win.
“How much more money do you really expect to make? You’re way too deep now in this game where everyone is going to start shoving on you. Trust me, cash out and hang out until your friend is done playing so you can go home.”
“What else am I supposed to do? Isn’t everyone going to get mad that I’m leaving?”
“Who cares? Sit at the table and fold everything except Aces or Kings for the next hour. If you pick up one of those hands, just go all-in. Trust me, you have nothing more to gain and only something to lose if you continue playing. For the next hour, just watch everyone else and how they play and what they showdown. You might learn something.”
And that’s exactly what I did. I folded every hand for the next hour, then cashed out.
While I was hanging out and railing Andy and my friend who I came with, I realized that I needed to buy a poker table and the same type of cards they were using at Fox’s — they used KEM bridge size, jumbo index. Something I had learned about from picking Big Mike’s brain. I figured this would be a perfect time to invest in a real poker table, considering that I just cashed out $4k.
Maybe I could start having cash games at my house with my friends and deal the game to practice? I already hosted tournaments at my house regularly, but never thought about hosting a cash game. Would my friends even want to play a cash game? What stakes would it be? I still need to figure out how I’m going to learn how to deal.
Hmm, I’ve got some thinking to do.
To be continued…
Next: Inside Underground NY Poker #2
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Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms OR Fluffy's Birthday Party

Saturday, December 18th
I wake up and my back is fucking killing me. Megan closed the spa last night and she's quitting her (shitty) second job and her last day is Saturday so she's gone in early to get everything wrapped up and her exit interview. I decide to clean up my garage a bit and get some work done around the house. The morning starts off with some eggs and breakfast sausage with a tall glass of simply grapefruit. Life isn't great, but it could be a lot worse.
We are all having a little chat about life, weekends and women as I move charcoal and my dads tools around the garage when suddenly my good buddeh u/fluffy_butternut tells everyone that regular women are not damaged enough for me to enjoy. Not only is this HIGHLY insulting to me, but it reflects poorly on Megan as well.
rewind to several months before
Mrs. Fluffy emailed the whole reddit gang and told us we are invited to a surprise birthday party for the big guy. She gave us instructions/time/place, etc and everything. She did a TON of work to plan this and it shows. I was under the gun at the courthouse with a trial and I wasn't able to commit to the event and all of us have stuff going on so the odds of anyone being able to make it were not good. However, I kept her email, and her cell number on a burner.
cut to present
Did he really go there? He really went there. It's fucking on like Donkey Kong. I pull out a burner and send a message to Mrs. Fluffy asking her if the plans are still the same. She tells me when he will be arriving at the venue and I tell her I'm gonna make a big fucking scene. She is ecstatic at this idea.
I grab my packed bag from the closet and jump in the F350. I grab two organic bean to bar 88% endangered species chocolate bars for Megan and I stop by her work. She's busy, so I leave the chocolate for her at her station. I give her co-worker a note to hand to her when she gets out.
"Dear Megan, out for revenge. Back tomorrow - Will."
I start driving to MSY and traffic down I-10 isn't bad for a saturday. I phone Delta on the way there and book tickets for the flight. The only thing available is MD88 service connecting in Laguardia. In First. Being no stranger to the slightly elevated service and highly elevated price business model, I book the flight. I'm a little early so I make my way to the nearly brand new Delta Sky Club at MSY. It's new, the gumbo is tasty, the wifi is fast. Life isn't bad. Until I get the phone call from Megan.
Me: Hi sweetie
Megan: what the fuck does "out for revenge mean?"
Me: It means I'm out for revenge. I gotta do some things.
Megan: What things? We're supposed to have dinner with my brother tomorrow night!
Me: Uh. It's a long story. How was your exit interview?
Megan: It was fine. I'm leaving early today.
Me: Did you go back to your station yet?
Megan: No
Me: You should stop there again before you leave.
Megan: Why?
The airport PA screeches boarding announcement for my flight.
Me: They're calling my flight. I gotta run.
Megan: Flight? What?
Me: Gotta hop. Buy potatoes. See you tomorrow night!
I hang up and hightail it for the gate. I pop in and see the pilots before we leave and ask them what are the odds we get 31 via the expressway today. He says he was just loading it into the box. I tell him the last time I did 31 via the expressway into LGA at the Delta Museum sim, it was not good. In fact it was the worst thing to hit new york since a bunch of muslims on a tuesday in September. He laughs.
The ride into LGA is smooth as the HMG STG delivery schedule. New York is WINDY as fuck today and bumpy. I peer out the window of the left side of the plane and I get a beautiful close up photo of the statue of liberty and Ellis island. Wait. We're supposed to get 31 via the expressway. We should be on the localizer for LGA runway 4. That puts us right over my aunts place in Bay Ridge looking at the Verazanno. We're not getting 31, they're probably going to take us up over central park, back over da bronx and then in via 22.
Sure enough, we land on 22 and I ask the pilots what happened and they said the winds shifted and they had to turn the airport around. Eh, no biggie. I've seen it once, I'll see it again. It's a great approach to fly and if you ever get to experience it, it's fucking magical.
We land at LGA a few minutes late and the weather is cold, crisp and windy. I have a short connection but I head to the LGA sky club in terminal D. Life is good. I crack the laptop and do some work and as I close the laptop as they call my flight I see the very beginnings of light snow. I'm from Louisiana. I've never seen snow before. This scares me. I walk to the gate and I board in group 1 and take my first class seat. The plane is half empty. I walk up and chat with the pilots and they tell me that with the snow we are going to deice with type 1 fluid and anti ice with type 4 fluid. We will be a little delayed. As I gaze out the window from my seat, it's snowing and blowing even more.
Ten minutes later, the boarding door closes and we start to push back. Conditions have worsened significantly. We can't see the next plane in front of us, things have turned into not quite whiteout but very concerning to this southern boy. The pilots tell us we are number 3 for the deicing truck and I gaze out onto the runway.
It's whiter than an Ohio MAGA rally.
Fuck me to tears.
We deice as I check the weather in Pittsburgh. Rain/Freezing rain/Snow/wintry mix. I've never driven in snow. Fuck. Pucker factor increasing. I pull out my burner and send a message to Mrs. Fluffy and tell her I'm at the deice pad and will be there soon. We have a bumpy ride all the way across Pennsylvania and land about 30 minutes late. Hertz has me in the presidents circle but there is not a single car with local plates.
I downgrade to a 2020 white Toyota Corolla since it's the only thing with PA plates on it and I hightail it to the venue. I talk to the waitstaff and tell them I'm crashing the party and ask them to get me a tray and a vest with a nametag. The staff is laughing their ass off at my idea. I message Mrs. Fluffy and she thinks the idea is HYSTERICAL. She can't wait. I tell her I'll be there at 645.
T minus 60 minutes until Fluffy Arrival
I've never been to this part of Pennsylvania. To be honest, I am a Philly guy. The people there are angry, drunken, profane and love cheese steaks. They're my kind of people. I've never been to a Sheetz or Primanti Brothers. However, fluffy tells me some stories about how he and his wife have a good time over at the meadows. I have NEVER been to a racino before, and ever since I was nearly arrested at Wynn Las Vegas - I've been a little scared. However, it's just down the road and as some of you know, I just came into a shit ton of money.
This is not going to end well.
I drive down interstate 79 and whip into the north parking garage at The Meadows.
My pre-packed bag has four days of clothes, underwear, socks and PJ's, two kruggerands and $10,000 in cash just in case i need to flee the country. I pull out the ten dimes and make my way into the racino. The Meadows is HUGE. I get past the security checkpoint and walk around and I don't see any table games. I see a large well appointed poker room and see two craps tables working at the other end of the hall. I have no idea what table limits or odds are.
I saunter up to the table.
Me: How's the temperature guys?
Degen1: Eh it's up and down.
Me: As long as it's not as cold as outside amirte?
Degen2: haha yeah yinz been outside today? freezing rain and that!
Me: I don't know these words but whatever.
The point is on 6.
I drop $10,000 on the table.
Me: Change only. Gimme 1 small and 9 thousands.
Pit Boss: do you have a players club card?
Me: never played here before, don't worry about it for now.
Pit Boss: Okay!
The dice come out, it hits jimmy hicks and the dealers pay out all the bets. I look at the table, the minimums are $5 and everyone has pass line and numbers. NOBODY has true odds. Fuck it. Time to show them how it's done.
I drop $10 on the pass line.
Dice are out. Point is four. I look up and down the table and nobody is making odds bets. I look down at my rack and drop $100 behind my bet.
Dice come out. Six hard.
Me: Hey pit boss! How much can I put behind the line?
Pit Boss: We'll let you go to 10x, so we can take $100 on your pass line. It looks like you got $100 there but we'd count it out and if you were over we'll give you the extra back.
Me: solid, thanks!
I look down at my watch. Fluffy is due to arrive at 1900hrs. I told Mrs. I would be there at 1845. It's 15 minutes to drive from the garage to the party which means I need to be on the highway at 1830 which means I need to be out of the casino and cashed out and walking to the garage by 1825. She sends me a message asking me where I'm at. I tell her I'm at the meadows and.....fuck it's 1821.
Fuck it. Go big or go home.
I take my pass line up to $500 and shove $5000 behind the line. Everyone at the table is looking at me funny. I give $2400 to the dealers and tell them to split me the 6/8.
Pit Boss: are you SURE you don't want a players club card?
Me: no time! throw them bones!
The whip slides the dice over to the fella next to me. He throws.
Dealer: Four hard, four the hard way, four.
Everyone at the table is looking at me funny. My $500 pass line bet has paid even money. The $5000 behind the line pays true odds on a 4, at 2:1. I look down at my watch. 1829. The dealers are stacking and distributing chips with a fervor.
Me: Take down my 6/8 and color me up.
Dealer: You got it boss!
As they color up my chips, I tell Mrs. fluffy I just won a ton of money at the meadows and I'm cashing out now. I take a $100 chip, hold it up and ask if the dealers want to play it or drop it
Dealer: It's up to you man, we don't mind.
I plant the chip down on the pass line and tell them put half on the pass line ferda boys, drop the other half. They all LITERALLY clap and thank me.
Me: One more thing, where's the cashier?
They point me to the cage with the aplomb of a new airport ramper. I leave the casino with a giant wad of cash bulging in my jeans. There's no line and they count out all my cash quickly. I look down at my watch as she's counting out the last of the small bills. 1835.
Fuck. I'm going to be late. I hate being late. I jog out to the north garage and hightail it back up interstate 79.
I have never driven in snow, at night, or for that matter driven in Pennsylvania before until now. It's snowing, it's dark, the speed limit is 55 and I am the SLOWEST guy in the right lane at 80 and people are passing me going WTF ARE YOU DOING GET OFF THE ROAD judging by the horns and the flashing headlights. I am HAULING ass back up to the venue and I park the Toyota in a handicapped spot as I race into the venue. I find Harriet, the party planner she hands me a vest with a nametag.
My transition from Will the gun dealer to Mario the waiter will completed as soon as he arrives. I get fluffy's favorite drink and a plate of some food set up on a tray and I hide in the back waiting for his arrival. Here's a photo.
As if it were choreographed to the minute, Mrs. Fluffy walks him in the front door at 7PM to a room full of people as a birthday surprise. He had not seen it coming. He begins making the rounds seeing everyone and saying hello. It's a big party so it takes some time. I hang back for a few minutes and let him do his thing and I give my phone to one of his friends and tell them to get this next part on video as I put on the vest and adjust the nametag.
Friendo: Sure thing "mario"
Me: shut up and just do some good camera work!
I take the tray of beverage and minature charcuterie plate over to fluffy as he's greeting the party guests and sneak up behind him. He's taking his grand old time working the room. In my best italian Pittsburgh native accent I can muster, I'm holding the tray and I walk in front of him and put on a great big smile.
Me: Can I get yinz something to drink? Or some charcuterie and that?
Fluffy: .......
(I now feign anger)
Fluffy: What.....are you.........doing here?
Me: Mrs told us about it and I figured I should give you a hard time after your comments this morning. Would you like some food? You know, airplane noises make the food taste better. Or are you a little too old for that? Lets give it a try!
(I grab a carrot stick and fly it into his face by making very loud airplane noises in a ballroom full of fluffy's closest friends and family making a gigantic scene with people wondering is this a joke or what horrors are about to come next. No, this is not a joke, this really happened. Ask anyone who was there.)
Fluffy: I'm good thanks
Me: you sure? (more airplane noises followed by a carrot slice raping his mouth)
Fluffy is shocked and awed. I tell him to go work the room and to have a happy birthday party. There's an open bar and I help myself to a double ginger ale, neat.
I find some millennials and we chat about Hawaiian shirts and stuff and they think my comedy is HILARIOUS. Unlike most of reddit. Fluffy saunters over and we chat some more and he's wondering WTF. I told him the wife planned it all months in advance.
Fluffy: You know u/xxxwirtydhorexxx is here.
Me: That's really funny.
Fluffy: No, he's really here.
Me: Bullshit. Then where is he?
Fluffy: He's right in front of you, 12 o'clock.
I don't see him. Then I look down and there's a guy in a boonie hat. I didn't recognize him without the dress.
Me: Oh dear god. He's really here isn't he?
Wirty gets up and walks over and he's like HI! I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!
We have a bunch of really really awkward conversation that involves him inviting me to sit next to him and me running over to Mrs. Fluffy asking her to save me from wirty. She finds a spot at her table by her kids for me.
I forget his present, even though his wife said no presents and there's a table full of booze, scratchers, and gun stuff. I drive back up to the hotel to grab it and give it to him. He has no idea what it is. You all should ask him about it. I give it to him and Wirty starts complaining about normies.
Fluffy: Where are you staying?
Me: The Hilton just down the street
Fluffy: Oh, the one on the top of the hill?
Me: That's why it's the HILL-ton.
Everyone groans. Me and wirty talk and he weirds me out and demands to stand next to me in the group photo. I tell more jokes and the millenial group loves me. We close the place down and head back to fluffy's hotel.
BOY HOWDY LET ME TELL YOU.........if you thought MY stories were longwinded and pointless you have not met some of fluffy's friends! His local raconteur buddy was telling us at 145AM his story about being fucked by the Virginia state police for speeding. Yeah. I dump him off at his hotel and I head back up to my room. It's 3AM by the time I shower and sleep.
My alarm wakes me up at 9AM. My back is killing me. My head is pounding. It's 21 degrees outside. Fuck this noise. I go back to sleep.
The hotel phone rings.
Me: Go for Hayden
Operator: I have a fluffy butternut on the phone for you.
Me: Go ahead and connect us
Operator: Thank you
(sound of dial tone)
I'm not making this up. I grab my phone and call fluffy and we have brunch at the meadows with the mrs. It's fun, we talk guns, life, liberty and the pursuit of extra sides of marinara.
I hang out with them at the slot machines until it's time to head to the airport. I gas up at the sheetz next to the racetrack and I fly back home in coach since my status on delta is radioactive dirt. The incoming flight is late from Atlanta which means we leave late for Atlanta and i get back home 2.5 hours later than I expected.
Laundry is running and I am unpacking as Megan walks in the door.
Me: Hi!
Megan: Hi. Back from revenge so soon?
Me: Yeah. I'm actually late. How was dinner with your brother?
Megan: Good. He took me to olive garden. So tell me what was so important you had to go out for revenge and come back the next day?
(I tell her the story)
Megan: Wait a minute. Your friend insulted you as a joke, so you bought a last minute first class ticket to new york and pennsylvania to fly to his surprise birthday party to yell at him in person, in january in 21 degree weather?
Me: Yeah.
Megan: Why would you do that?
Me: Well he said that you're damaged goods. He wasn't insulting me, he was insulting you. I didn't like that.
Megan: You cannot be serious.
Me: I am serious.
Megan: and don't call you Shirley?
Me: You're weird.
Megan: I'm not the one that just flew across the country to go "out for revenge", and I'm the weird one?
Me: (goofy smile)
Megan: (goofy laughter)
Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone!
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Winstar Casino and Poker Room - YouTube

Amazon Deals: York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las VegasNew York-New York Hotel & Casino is a hotel and casino on the Las Vegas S... Superchat Alternatives: Venmo: @Timothy-Watts-1 Cash App:$TheTrooper97 Lady Trooper's Jewelry Shop: Things w... A tour of the Park Premier King Room at New York New York Las Vegas, from July 2020. This newly remodeled 450 sq ft room comes with a King bed, 40” Flat Scre... I snuck my camara into Winstar Casino and the poker room in Oklahoma. Superchat Alternatives: Venmo: @Timothy-Watts-1 Cash App:$TheTrooper97 Lady Trooper's Jewelry Shop: Things w... Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort is in the midst of a massive renovation and one new area is their Poker Room. Rachael got a chance to go inside. New York New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV. Player's Suite, room 370. 2 Queen beds, spa tub, mini fridge, walk in closet, etc. If you're going to Las Vegas and staying on the Vegas Strip, you may have seen the New York-New York resort. It has an over-the-top New York City theme with ... Treasure Island Resort and Casino is located just south of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Their Poker Room is the Best in the Midwest.